The Arab Institute for Women


Coordination and Support for the Human Rights Network

In 2019, the AiW continued its work with Management Systems International (MSI), within the “Building Alliances for Local Advancement, Development and Investment – Capacity Building” (BALADI-CAP) program funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The purpose of the project concluded in March 2019 by the AiW is to build alliances and bring to the table participating CSOs, to communicate, collaborate, and create a human rights network (HRN) in Lebanon. During its last year of funding, the HRN concluded the project funded by BALADI CAP working to address human rights issues in Lebanon and focusing on vulnerable groups in media, specifically social programs on Lebanese television. AiW will continue sustaining the Human Rights Network with all its members Soins Infirmiers et Developpement Communautaire (SIDC), Skoun, and Dar Al-Amal.