The Arab Institute for Women

Thematic Areas

Reaching Marginalized Groups

AiW’s mandate is to reach, support, and work closely with marginalized groups in the community by producing research, conducting trainings, and advocating for their rights.

We have worked for decades in support of migrant domestic workers, LGBTQ community, and incarcerated women by providing services and legal guidance.

Work inside women prisons in Lebanon entailed the following:

- Vocational trainings for the inmates; 

- Two studies one in 1999 and another in 2011 regarding the condition of women prisons in Lebanon;

- Rehabilitation of the cells and refurbishment of the visiting room;

- Providing medical, social, and psychological support, as well as securing contact with the inmates’ families when possible;

- Publishing a guide on working inside women prisons;

- Income-generating projects;

- Legal assistance to inmates who could not afford a lawyer;

- Securing living basic needs such as refrigerators, ovens, washing machines, hot water, etc.;

- Providing personal hygiene kits that include sanitary pads, shampoos, bath sponges, mattresses, bed sheets and covers;

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