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“Who Is She” Database

The “Who is She in Lebanon” database is a user-friendly repository providing biographical information on leading and noteworthy contemporary Lebanese women from a range of areas of expertise. The experts’ lists include opinion leaders, senior managers, politicians, professionals, artists, and researchers.

This virtual profiles library was launched in 2008 following a collaboration between AiW and the Danish Centre for Information on Women and Gender (KVINFO). It is frequently updated to ensure Lebanon’s foremost experts in their fields are included in the database.

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Julinda Abu Nasr Women and Gender Collection

Dr. Julinda Abu Nasr, founder of AiW, established the Institute in 1973 and served as its director for 24 years.

To immortalize Dr. Julinda Abu Nasr, a woman that valued education and equality above everything else, we inaugurated the Julinda Abu Nasr Women and Gender Collection, thus ensuring that every future generation will know her name, her contributions to the Institute, the Lebanese American University, and to the women’s movement in general.

The Institute initiated this collection in 1975 under Dr. Abu Nasr’s leadership. AiW’s flagship journal Al-Raida (Arabic for “The Pioneer”) followed a year later. An article in its first issue notes that the newly established documentation center housed in the university library included more than 460 books about women and gender.

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The Status of the Arab Woman: A Select Bibliography

The bibliography contains over 1,600 entries and includes all Arab countries from the Middle East and North Africa. It covers books, journal articles, conference proceedings papers (published and unpublished), masters’ theses, doctoral dissertations, and bibliographies (published separately or included in books). The great majority of the material has been published since 1950, but there is a certain amount of pre-1950 literature, which serves to provide an historical background.

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