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July 2018 Update

In July, we were re-framing beauty and rethinking what “beautiful” means through preparing for Miss Lebanon 2018 beauty pageants training. In parallel to this:

We organized:

  • A one week training under “Building GBV Research Capacity in Humanitarian Settings” project in collaboration with the Global Women’s Institute (GWI) at the George Washington University. GWI has selected two pilot countries that have some of the highest refugee burdens in the world - Uganda and Lebanon. Humanitarian actors and researchers based in these two countries were supported as they used the materials (the Research, Monitoring and Evaluation Manual and Toolkit) previously developed by GWI, in combination with “homegrown” materials developed nationally, to develop and engage with their own research, monitoring and evaluation projects.
  • The first meeting for the Gender and Media course curriculum committee members. AiW in collaboration with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) brought together subject experts to create an undergraduate course on the topic of gender and media. The project will create all of the standard products associated with an undergraduate course, and will hold implementation workshops with approximately 4-5 universities to rollout the new course, projected to start in Spring 2019.
  • The first three technical workshops of the “Equality for Everyone” project funded by the U.S. MEPI. The workshops were on Lebanese political system and democratic governance, introduction to civil rights, policy reform at the national level and policy reform at the municipal/local level. The trainer for these workshops was Dr. Marguerite Helou, the political expert on the project. 

We participated in:

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