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August 2021 Updates

The AiW finalized the Equality for Everyone: Gender Reform from Grassroots to Government project funded by U.S-MEPI during the month of August 2021. Within this context, The AiW launched a national advocacy campaign in order to raise awareness among Lebanese men and women about the importance of parental leave in improving the status of women in the workplace and to pressure decision-makers in Lebanon to adopt the draft law prepared by the AiW and the National Commission for Lebanese Women. The AiW also conducted a gender audit for one municipality and has been working internally in order to pilot the policy amendments within LAU.

The AiW has also finalized the report on violence against reporters during the October 19, 2019 uprisings, was translated to Arabic, and published.

Given the current war in Afghanistan, our Executive Director was greatly involved by raising aid to help out the Afghan women. At the same time, she was actively engaged in podcast episodes and TV interviews where she spoke out against the war that is happening “Sending Out an SOS: The Taliban Return, Booster Shots, Havana Syndrome”, Politicon: How the Heck are we gonna get along with Clay Aiken, “Afghan Women Under Taliban Rule”, the big role Afghan women play in the country’s economy. Moreover, Dr. Lina Abirafeh was hosted on the live show WomenToFollow where she talked about Violence Against Women in Afghanistan and the Middle East, not to mention the article she wrote on What Does It Mean to Keep Your children Safe? on romper

On the other hand, our Executive Director never seizes to talk about gender issues where she also recorded a podcast on “Ending Marry-Your-Rapist Laws” with NewsDeeply, participated in the panel on The Importance of Gender to the Future Peace and Security Leaders of GIR at the GIR symposium, as well as contributed to the Ethnic Studies Review, 44(2), by writing an article on Fostering Gender Equality in the Arab Region is Non-Negotiable

She also never misses an opportunity to discuss her rich path working in the field of women and gender issues specifically in the interview that was conducted by Rights of Equality.


Stay tuned for more updates in September!

The AiW team


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