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Screening of Documentary: “Aida Returns”

On December 20, 2022, The Arab Institute for Women (AiW) at the Lebanese American University (LAU) hosted, in a full house event, the very first screening of the film “Aida Returns” by Ms. Carol Mansour.

The film is a tribute to Ms. Mansour’s late mother, Aida, her family, and the Palestinian people who dream of returning to their lost lands. Ms. Mansour revitalizes the collective memory of the exiled, and fulfills the wish of her mother, even after her death: returning to Yafa.

In an opening word, Director of The AiW, Ms. Myriam Sfeir, welcomed the audience to LAU, and expressed The AiW’s great commitment to honoring the work and efforts of leading women artists. Then, Director of the film, Ms. Mansour, presented a brief introduction of her work, amid rounds of applause, before finally launching the screening.

At the end of the film, the audience excitedly shared with Ms. Mansour and all the guests its heightened emotions and feelings. As most expressed, the film is a landmark work of art which not only documents the personal experience of Ms. Mansour and her mother, but distinctively recalls the untold stories of many who still dream of a return.

The screening concluded with a Q&A session.