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Regional roundtable: “Women Empowerment Through Research”

The Institute for Women’s Studies in the Arab World at the Lebanese American University and Konrad Adenauer Stiftung in Amman, in collaboration with Women Empowerment Organization organized a regional roundtable on November 17&18, 2011 under the title: “Women Empowerment Through Research”.

Around 35 participants took part in the roundtable invited from the Middle East region and the UK. It was chaired by Professor Nadje Al-Ali, Co-organizer, and Chair of Centre for Gender Studies, SOAS, University of London.

The Regional Round Table originates from a research project funded as part of the Iraq Research Fellowship Programme concerned with Iraqi Female Academics (IFA), which began in December 2009 in Amman.

This roundtable aimed at exploring concrete models and activities that illustrate both relevant gender-focused research as well as cooperation between civil society activists and academics working on women and gender-related issues.