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International Women’s Day 2017: Gender and Language

For the occasion of International Women’s Day, IWSAW partnered with a large group of youth, feminists and activists (such as; the feminist network, LAU citizenship club, LAU intersectional feminist club, USJ women’s right club and the AUB feminist forum). IWSAW’s partners also include Lebanon support, Harass Tracker, and Embrace fund.The main masterminds behind this initiative were youth! Planning, thinking collectively, executing and committing on uniting beyond this event!

The program of the event included; a Panel Discussion led by Youth from AUB, and LAU,  guided by our expert Dr. Dima Dabbous, and moderated by Nay El Rahi, a feminist writer, activist and the co-founder of Harass Tracker.

After our guests enjoyed their coffee and cake, we moved to the second part of the event: The Living Library.

What is a Living Library?

Rather than walking into a library and choosing a book, our guests approached students and experts, each of whom represented a specific topic related to Gender and Language.





What are the rules of the game?

Choosing from the available topics: our guests choose their topic of interest and approach the living library volunteers for an interactive chat.

‘Ask me Anything’: The living library volunteers created a platform whereby participants could Ask them Anything related to the selected topic.

Speed Dating: After a 5 minute chat, participants are required to move to another library station. This activity lasted for 40 minutes, participants running from one living library station to another curiously asking and interacting with our volunteers.

After struggling to get people away from the living library for our final event of the night. We announced the winners of the Art Competition.

We will be publishing the winner’s artwork in Al-Raida our pioneering journal on gender issues!  Stay tuned