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Honoring Dr. Julinda Abu Nasr

Dr. Julinda Abu Nasr is the founder and director of IWSAW. Dr. Abu Nasr established the Institute in 1973, and served as its director for 24 years. As we all know, IWSAW was the first of its kind in the Arab region – and also among the first in the world! 43 years later, the Institute is stronger than ever in its commitment to equality and empowerment, thanks to Dr. Abu Nasr. We gathered at the LAU library in Beirut to honor our very own pioneer who built the movement before us.

Dr. Jabbra delivered the opening speech followed by Dr. Riyad Nassar, Dr. Samira Aghacy, and Dr. Ghena Ismail.

To immortalize Dr. Julinda Abu Nasr, a woman that valued education and equality above all else, we inaugurated the NEW Julinda Abu Nasr Women and Gender Collection, to ensure that every generation that comes after us will know her name - and what she has done for the Institute, for LAU, and for the women’s movement.