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Honoring Ceremony: “Dr. Samira Aghacy”

On March 8, 2024, The AiW hosted a distinguished honoring ceremony to celebrate Dr. Samira Aghacy’s remarkable contributions to LAU. The event served as a tribute to her years of unwavering dedication as a stellar professor, accomplished scholar, and passionate advocate for social justice. The event was attended by LAU President, Dr. Michel Mawad; Director of The AiW, Ms. Myriam Sfeir; Interim Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences, Dr. Haidar Harmanani; and a gathering of professors, former students, faculty, and staff. With heartfelt sentiments, the speakers delivered words that reverberated with profound gratitude and admiration as they walked the audience through Dr. Aghacy’s extraordinary journey of love and selfless giving. Her lasting imprint, everyone agreed, was etched in the hearts of all who crossed paths with her.   

“Dr. Aghacy was for years and continues to be a role model…The corridors of LAU tell her story of rare dedication to citizenship.” – Dr. Michel Mawad

 “We come together today to honor a remarkable scholar and activist. Dr. Aghacy cannot see injustice and keep silent.” – Ms. Myriam Sfeir

“Her influence extends far beyond the classroom as a champion of social justice and gender equality.” – Dr. Haidar Harmamani

“She always spoke what is right and was driven to help students wholeheartedly. No words can do justice to her as a scholar.” – Dr. Sami Baroudi

“Beyond her literary passion, Dr. Agahcy embodies virtues that very few have. She is caring, loving, generous, and ethically attuned.” – Ms. Carol Khater

“Dr. Aghacy was one of the first scholars in the Arab world to tackle the politics of masculinity.” – Dr. Sleiman El Hajj

“When she lectured in her classes, she intoxicated her students like a spell and beyond.” – Dr. Nirmine Moufti El Hajj

“Attending Dr. Aghacy’s classes was like stepping into a world where everything is possible. She was a teacher whose power is transformative.” – Dr. Dana Eido

With much gratefulness, Dr. Aghacy finally delivered a stirring speech, expressing sincere appreciation for everyone who contributed to making this event possible. “Thank you, dear colleagues and friends, for sharing this day with me, God bless LAU,” said Dr. Aghacy. She then received a commemorative award, presented by Dr. Mawad, and the ceremony concluded with rounds of applause, photographs, and a reception.

The AiW would like to extend its deepest gratitude for Dr. Aghacy’s long years of inspiration. She will forever hold a very dear place in our hearts. Here’s to many more years of giving!