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16 Days: Launch of a music video by Mike Masi

On the 10th of December 2016, Abaad in collaboration with UN Women and the support of ESCWA, IWSAW and other local NGOs celebrated, at the Monroe Hotel-Ein Mraisseh-Beirut-Lebanon, the closing of the 16 days of activism campaign.

The event aimed to applaud and praise the collective effort of Lebanese NGOs, civil society, volunteers, and the youth that led to the abolishment of Article 522, as well as to convey a message of hope by challenging the current status quo.

In her opening speech, Ghida Anani, founder and director of Abaad, dedicated this assembly of local and international NGOs, politicians, and United Nations personnel, to women that have died as a result of gender-based violence, women that have been sexually abused, trafficked, and forced into an early marriage. She said “this event is to honor all these women and to show that change is in fact possible.”

The event was initiated by the launch of the music video “Kermali”, by Mike Masi, on violence against women, inspired by the stories of GBV survivors. Followed by “tarha bayda’s” theatre performance, directed by Basmeh and Zeitooneh and Women Now for Development, portraying the cultural and social barriers of women, and how the abolishment of Article 522 is the beginning of Lebanese women’s liberation. At the end of the ceremony, Benet Al Masarawa, played a musical to raise awareness on women’s rights.