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Research and explore critical gender issues, advance pioneering projects, and forge new partnerships – visiting researchers, faculty, scholars, and others worldwide are welcome!

LAU Student Opportunities

AiW has nurtured the skills and interest of dozens of LAU students over the years through internships and student employment.

If you are an LAU student and interested in joining our team, please pass by our office for a chat or send an email to

Visiting Interns and Scholars

We have also hosted students and scholars from abroad as interns and visiting scholars, assisting them in research, cultivating their understanding of the region and its complex social and legal structures, and engaging them in our diverse activities.

Want to gain experience with a transnational organization that combines academia and activism in the pursuit of gender equality?  An internship at AiW will help you develop your understanding of challenges unique to the region and its people while gaining practical experience through fieldwork, research, project development, and coordination.

Want to affiliate yourself to an internationally renowned institute specialized in the Arab region while completing your Ph.D. thesis or research paper? The specialized and dedicated team at AiW and the faculty and post-graduate students of the Department of Social Studies have supported the work of many visiting scholars, enriching their understanding of and access to people and data in the region.

Interested? please fill the application form and send it to

Together we can achieve gender equality!