The Arab Institute for Women


Beirut Call for Action Prioritizing: Women, Peace and Security on the Arab agenda

Three main areas to ensure the inclusion and participation of women in all aspects of peace and security initiatives across the Arab World, namely: Localizing the Women, Peace, and Security Agenda; Promoting Women Activism in Peace and in War; and Institutionalizing Collaborations on Women, Peace, and Security, were identified and adopted by the international conference on “Prioritizing Women, Peace and Security on the Arab Agenda”.

Falling in a series of current discussions in the region on Women, Peace and Security, the conference concluded by launching the Beirut Call for Action which urged Arab States, the United Nations, the League of Arab States, civil society, policymakers, and practitioners to resource, action, and embed its recommendations. The conference acted as a forum to stimulate new thinking and create a new platform on involving women in the peace processes in the region and exchange experiences and lessons learnt in this regard.