The Arab Institute for Women


Project: Violence Counts! Strengthening Arab Regional Capacity to Collect Data on Violence against Women

The AiW, in partnership with the Global Women’s Institute (GWI) at the George Washington University, received a grant in December 2020 funded by UN Women and the World Health Organization for the purpose of building the capacity of Arab experts to collect data on violence against women (VAW). Though quality, reliable data on VAW is essential for developing policies and interventions to achieve gender equality, a substantial gap remains in the collection of prevalence data on VAW in regions across the world, particularly in the Arab States. This gap is due to stigma regarding VAW, underreporting, lack of reporting mechanisms, difficulty accessing justice for survivors, lack of services and support, and other factors. This gap is also due in part to the technical capacity required to collect these prevalence data in accordance with global, methodological, ethical, and safety standards.

The AiW and GWI developed a training curriculum and implemented a pilot training within the context of this grant for the purpose of building the technical capacity of a selected number of Arab experts to collect these prevalence data on VAW. A secondary goal of this program was to widen the currently limited pool of researchers who can collect these data in a high-quality and ethical way. This ensured that there was a wider base of Arab experts who were able to undertake data collection on VAW. Data is critical in strengthening prevention and response, and so The AiW aims to integrate this training curriculum within its sustainable development projects.