The Arab Institute for Women


Project: Supporting Political Participation of Targeted Women in Lebanon

The Arab Institute for Women (AiW) and the Academy of Continuing Education (ACE) at the Lebanese American University (LAU) is currently implementing a project that entails training and building the capacity of select women who wish to run for the Parliamentary or Municipal elections in Lebanon. The project was funded by the Embassy of Finland in Lebanon for a duration of twelve months.

This training, which aggregated some of the best practices from around the world, included four courses that were tailor-made to provide skills that address the full range of gender issues on the level of women’s political participation in Lebanon.

During the first phase, trainees learned about the Lebanese political system and the operation of its public offices (like parliament and government), and were equipped with the necessary tools to run a more efficient electoral campaign.

Upon the completion of phase 1, the AiW, in collaboration with the ACE, hosted a panel discussion titled “Gendering Political participation”.

During the second phase, the AiW conducted a gender evaluation to assess the results of women’s political participation following the May 2022 parliamentary elections.